New York city reflection.

There’s another description you can read for this on my vimeo page. But I didn’t want to write the same thing here..

The score, the black and white, the unfocused, unstable footage, the build up, the quiet, the rhythm, the sobriety at times and the joie de vivre at times were all intentional. This is the first clip I’ve put together that holds significance beyond ‘I went away, here’s a summary of what I did’ or ‘I collected some footage and now I’m experimenting with the editing’. It’s difficult for me to communicate my exposure to and experience in New York in writing so I hope this visual does it for me. It was quite a roller coaster ride.
When watching, keep in mind:
-big city, beautiful city
-big city, small jojo
-big city, intense place & people
-eye opening
-trying and tiring

(oh and make sure you watch in HD, otherwise it’ll be pretty terrible quality)



3 thoughts on “New York city reflection.

  1. On second viewing… Surely your talent is uncommon? Really Jose, that was classy… I saw a strange, wonderful movie called ‘Joe vs the volcano’ (1990) in which main actress Meg Ryan observes that most people are sleeping but there are some that are fully alive… You are alive Jose!!

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