I still remember putting First Chapter into my DVD player when i turned 14 and watching it for the first time. Who could ever forget the opening section filmed in Durban, of all places?

First chapter was a surf movie by 19 year old Dane Reynolds, and in the next few years it came to symbolize the progressive new school in surfing.

It also forced everyone to change how they thought about filming, and about riding. First Chapter, for all its quirkiness, raw tone and straight-up bigness, cracked open the dam wall of surfing.

Loaded is his latest little release, it’s really cool.


The legend of Stan Smith

Don’t know bout you, but I’m a diet Stan Smith.


Now I like a LOT of video’s on vimeo.com but I LOVE this one. It’s cleverly done, it’s interesting and most importantly it’s some tasty food for thought. Also, what he says is so true. Like I said, I love this video.