New Skillshare Class

Hello friends, I made a new class on Skillshare – Make your own hanging pendant!

It’s temporarily free so you can easily enrol here –

Thanks in advance friends x x x



Skillshare Class

Hello friends and family that are still following this old blog..

I’ve become a teacher on an online platform called Skillshare and I’ve recently posted my first class: DIY Macrame: Learn how to hang your potted plant.

Everyone else has to pay to enrol in the class but if you’d like to enrol for free click on this link (5 free enrolments are available)


Travel Gallery

I’ve been away for almost 4 months now! These are some of the photo’s I have to show for my travels. Matt came to New York while I was there and most of these were taken during his visit. It was such a dream come true- never thought we’d get to see all the places that we have together. My heart is full of gratitude, still can’t believe he actually made it all the way to NYC! And not to mention how we were hosted so generously by people of the city- an unusual and beautiful experience. This brother-sister duo had too-much-fun-to-handle. There was one really funny thing happened.. I’m going to ask Matt to write about it and maybe a few other highlights sometime soon because I know he’ll do it very well.  tunnelDUMBO

trade centre

top of the rock2TOP OF THE ROCK


rooftopThe roof in Manhattan where I had dinner with friends on my last night in the city. E 36th st.




movie nightBRYANT PARK MOVIES (watched Key Largo)




matt skyline3BROOKLYN BRIDGE

matt obey2DUMBO

matt momaMOMA





concrete36TH ST

central park sky

central park 1



b&w wallMET

13542ND ST

skyline 1



MBridgeMANHATTAN BRIDGE (from Brooklyn side)

matt skyline2

New York city reflection.

There’s another description you can read for this on my vimeo page. But I didn’t want to write the same thing here..

The score, the black and white, the unfocused, unstable footage, the build up, the quiet, the rhythm, the sobriety at times and the joie de vivre at times were all intentional. This is the first clip I’ve put together that holds significance beyond ‘I went away, here’s a summary of what I did’ or ‘I collected some footage and now I’m experimenting with the editing’. It’s difficult for me to communicate my exposure to and experience in New York in writing so I hope this visual does it for me. It was quite a roller coaster ride.
When watching, keep in mind:
-big city, beautiful city
-big city, small jojo
-big city, intense place & people
-eye opening
-trying and tiring

(oh and make sure you watch in HD, otherwise it’ll be pretty terrible quality)


NYC, it’s been 5 weeks yo!

Oh, New York City, there is one way in which you are like Narnia. A year spent in the great forest is only a moment in real time. Five weeks spent in NYC feels like it should also only be but a moment in time. She has many tricks up her sleeve, this city. Making time move faster than the roller-bladers in Prospect Park is surely her favourite act.


The last five weeks have exceeded my expectations in every way. The boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan (the only two I have explored) are more glorious than the ideas I had of them leading up to my arrival. I love NYC and I’m finding more things to explore than I thought I would- the list of things to do here is literally infinite. These past weeks have also been harder than I thought. NYC doesn’t seem so far away. It’s the bright lights and big buildings that make it seem close. But when home and everyone in it is on the other side of twelve and a half thousand kilometers, the big buildings no longer do such a good job of closing up that gap. It has been a bigger learning journey than I thought. I know things about myself that I didn’t and I understand people a bit better. You know when you have to write down your strengths and weaknesses for random things like CV’s and questionnaires and you just write down the first adjectives that come to mind? Well now I feel like answering one of those would be an easy, without being untrue, task. I have things called weaknesses and I am now VERY aware of them- no way hose, haha.


I used to hate going places on my own. No one to share experiences with freaked me out and looking like a loner standing awkwardly by the door waiting to be spoken to made me want stay indoors for my whole life. That changed quickly. I love exploring on my own. Yes, company is really cool but thinking about my thoughts instead of saying them out loud to someone and forgetting them in a second is gold. “Look how epic this store design is” – thought in my brain instead of said out loud for conversation sake is sure to make me look a bit harder at the detail. No one to share experiences with? This thought ran through my mind as I hid behind my bunch of flowers on the subway trying not to show how much I was laughing at the crazy man who said to the crazy lady “Yo crazy bitch, I’m gonna cast the devil out yo ass!” I kid you not- I had tears in my eyes I was laughing so hard. Me being alone didn’t make it any less funny.


For those of you who have endured through these four-hundred-and-something words, as I probably wouldn’t have, here are the first two stanzas of a poem I wrote for this place.


City, no pulse on your demands;

they flippantly flow

as consideration vanishes

like the man you chase.

And catch


Your balm soothes your burdens.

Take much,

give much;

your promise,

uncompromising as your clutch

bridge4 centralpark roof6 c bridge3 b bridge6






I Fled The Coup // Brooklyn Odyssey

An odyssey, a tale, an adventure, an illusion? Do tree lined streets with cherry blossoms, bay windows, brick walls, old doors, met at every corner with alive avenues, alive people, places- unique, bicycles and sounds that echo existence, really exist?

An odyssey? Time will tell. A tale? I hope it’s more than a tale. An adventure? Undoubtable. An Illusion? Probable.

This sibling blog of ours is now being updated from two remarkably contrasting places. The place I described as an answer to my first question would be one and the antithesis of that would be the other.  I am learning to call Brooklyn, NY home for a rather brief moment. I can’t imagine it will become anything short of that. For someone like me, this is not a difficult place to wake up in every morning. To be melodramatic I’ll say to this city “you can have my heart but give it back when it’s time to go”. Please & thank you.


“A poem compresses much in a small space and adds music, thus heightening it’s meaning. The city is like poetry: it compresses all life, all races and breeds, into a small island and adds music and the accompaniment of internal engines. The island of Manhattan is without any doubt the greatest human concentrate on earth, the poem whose magic is comprehensible to millions of permanent residents but whose full meaning will always remain elusive.” – EB White (Here is New York)




I still remember putting First Chapter into my DVD player when i turned 14 and watching it for the first time. Who could ever forget the opening section filmed in Durban, of all places?

First chapter was a surf movie by 19 year old Dane Reynolds, and in the next few years it came to symbolize the progressive new school in surfing.

It also forced everyone to change how they thought about filming, and about riding. First Chapter, for all its quirkiness, raw tone and straight-up bigness, cracked open the dam wall of surfing.

Loaded is his latest little release, it’s really cool.

The legend of Stan Smith

Don’t know bout you, but I’m a diet Stan Smith.


Now I like a LOT of video’s on but I LOVE this one. It’s cleverly done, it’s interesting and most importantly it’s some tasty food for thought. Also, what he says is so true. Like I said, I love this video.